• NEW!! Beginner Kits

    We are very pleased to announce our very first beginner tool package! This useful start pack comes with:

    2" x 3" Graphite Paddle w/ Aluminum Handle
    Standard Claw Tool
    Graphite Necking Tool
    8" x 8" Graphite Plate
    Pair of Kevlar Gloves
    Small Finishing Tongs
    Kevlar Sleeve
    Diamond Shears
    2-22mm Economy Reamer
    2 - Rod Rests
    Scott's Magic Mini Jacks
    10" Tweezers
    3/32" Tungsten Probe

    Tool kits are available right here!


  • NEW!!! Finishing Tongs

    Affordable, sturdy tongs are now available! The woven covers are heat resistant up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and the tongs come in three different varieties! We also offer the woven covers separate from the tongs either for easy replacement, or for making your own finishing tools quickly and easily!