NEW Buck Torch Stand and Buck Cart - Benchless Flameworking System

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We are excited to announce the release of the Buck Torch Stand and the Buck Cart! They will both be on display at Cornerstone for DFO 2015!

The Buck Torch Stand is a new and highly specialized tool

that will change the way today’s modern lamp worker operates.

From beginners to masters, this tool offers the artist an

unrestricted full range of motion around his or her torch.  With

its sturdy and slick construction the Buck Torch Stand gives an

artist the reliability and performance that is needed to complete

world class glass sculptures of any size and shape.  The ease and

ergonomics are unmatched. Not only does the Buck Stand

promote great lampworking posture, but it gives an artist the

much needed angles to reduce the weight of some of today’s


 With nothing restricting the space around the artist’s torch,

an artist will experience positions and angles that were

traditionally not thought possible. The accessibility of certain

angles and positions around the Buck Torch Stand are absolutely

priceless. The Idea of working without a flat surface under your

torch is new to some artists and can seem risky and intimidating.

But rest assured the angles and advantages will far outweigh any

time lost learning to use this new and innovative tool.

The Buck Torch Stand is available with useful but low

profile attachments which consist of:

• 1 hydraulic lift assisted main shaft

• 1 base plate.

• 1 water holding trash bucket

• 1 multi-level punty bucket

• 1 tool magnet


The lift-assisted shaft by its self can be securely bolted with

concrete anchor bolts to the floor making for a sleek space-

saving torch placement in your shop or workspace.  It can also

be attached to our Diamond plated base for traveling or non-

permanent set up. The stand attaches easily to the diamond plate

base making it mobile and able to be setup just about anywhere.

Either way, it eliminates the need for valuable bench space

whether in the home shop or at a guest location. 

A word from Buck. . .

The development of the Buck Torch Stand was one of natural

progression. Like many before, I saw the advantages of putting

my torch up onto something as precarious as a cinder block or

sketchily duct taping it to the end of a 2x4 just to gain a few

extra inches and extend the range of motion around my torch. 

Over the years I have worked on and have seen some very

ingenuous, yet fairly dangerous set ups. With the need for space

and mobility I began developing prototypes of the Buck Torch

Stand. The first Buck Torch stand was a two inch chunk of pipe

welded to a 98 pound plate of steel with a few drilled holes and

some bent bolts to secure my torch. From there each design led

to the next. Despite some of the crud and oversized prototypes I

quickly realized the countless advantages to having full range of

motion around my torch. As other experienced artists and I used

these various prototypes I tweaked more changes until today’s

Buck Torch Stand was developed.

Just like the other advances in the lampworking communities

(i.e.  Boro furnaces, larger kilns, etc. have steered the

development of new products, this Buck Torch Stand is a must

have for today’s boro furnace worker. Its space and mobility are

priceless when juggling the large gathers and long pulls

produced by today’s methods.

As an exclusive user of the Buck Torch Stand I can hardly work

without it. The angles I utilize for even the smallest of tasks are

super clutch when creating most every one of my sculptures.

The ergonomic comfort and unmatched mobility are priceless to

me as an artist when creating the evolving work of art. 

I hope everyone gives this style of lampworking a try--this tool

is a game changer. I believe anyone who works on a Buck Torch

Stand for a healthy duration of time will quickly see the endless

possibilities and advantages to this amazing tool!