Ground Joint Tools

Use our ground joint forming tools to quickly and efficiently make your own male and female joints. We offer 4 sizes and 2 handle types. 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 19mm with either a wooden or aluminum handle. Aluminum can easily be chucked in a lathe if needed. Although we sell the tools individually, most people do chose to purchase them as a set.

To form a female Joint, use the reamer for 90% of the shaping and the brass finishing tool for the final touch up and fine tuning. The finishing tool should be used in a quick forming step while marvering. Use the plug while the glass is slightly molten and remove before the orange glow is completely gone. REMEMBER, always remove while still molten to avoid checking or sticking.

To form male joint simply pull your tubing to a diameter that will fit the tool. Heat a section long enough for a whole joint to be at a point of being white hot, place inside the tool and firmly blow. Bring it out to check the size and simply open the end of the tube.

Check out our YouTube channel for tutorials on how to use these tools.

Female Ground Joint Demo/Tutorial

Male Ground Joint Demo/Tutorial

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