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The Buck Torch Stand is a new and highly specialized tool that will change the way today’s modern lampworker operates. From beginners to masters, this tool offers the artist an unrestricted full range of motion around the torch. With its sturdy and slick construction, the Buck Torch Stand gives an artist the reliability and performance that is needed to complete world class glass sculptures of any size and shape. The ease and ergonomics are unmatched. Not only does the Buck Torch Stand promote great lampworking posture, but it gives an artist the angles needed to reduce the weight of their art.

With nothing restricting the space around the artist’s torch, an artist will experience positions and angles that were traditionally not thought possible. The idea of working without a flat surface under your torch is new to some artists and can seem risky, but rest assured, the angles and advantages will far outweigh any time lost learning to use this new and innovative tool.

The lift assisted shaft by itself can be securely bolted with concrete anchor bolts to the floor making for sleek space-saving torch placement in your shop or workspace. It can also be attached to our Diamond plated base for traveling or nonpermanent setup. The stand attaches easily to our diamond plate base making it mobile and able to be setup just about anywhere. Either way, it eliminates the need for valuable bench space whether in the home shop or at a remote location.

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